Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunburst Mirror

Hooray!  I no longer have a big blank area above my fireplace!  And I love my new mirror.  :)

I used Isabella and Max's tutorial for this, but substituted bbq skewers instead of branches and kept the skewers all the same length, no cutting.  Here are the materials needed for this project:  2 packages (100 each) wooden skewers (buy at grocery store), hot glue gun, round mirror.  This mirror came in a package of 5, Martha Steward collection at HD for around $15.  I used the largest round mirror in the package for this project.

I taped up the mirror and started hot-gluing the skewers.  I glued in a pattern to try and keep the sticks going in the right direction.  I was also careful to line up the end of the stick with the inside of the mirror.
I kept gluing and gluing...  It took both packages to fill in all of the gaps--200 skewers.  Working on the floor and bending over for 2 hours wasn't the best idea, my back was not happy.

Finally, some bronze spray paint (ORB) on both sides.  The tricky part was trying to pick up the whole contraption and move it, flip it over, etc.  I did lose a few skewers in the process but just glued them back on. 

I've never hung anything on stone before.  I didn't want to damage the stones so I hammered a long nail into the mortar.  The nail went in a little and then started to bend, but it seemed sturdy enough for this mirror--which is really light, maybe a pound?

Like I said, I love my new mirror.  I couldn't decided for sure when I first hung in up but after about an hour I knew.  Yup.  I loved it. 

Thanks for stopping by!