Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tween Boy Baseball Room--Part II Baseball Curtain Rod

Hello!!  I have more to share on my stepson's baseball room.  In part I I left off with an extra long curtain that I had sewn.  I purposely made only 1 curtain panel due to how close the window is to the wall.  The curtain is wide enough to cover the whole window if he wants to close it but this room doesn't get too bright so I think it will stay open the majority of the time.

To bring in more of the baseball theme, I had an idea for a baseball curatin rod and tieback.

I started with these "soft-tee" baseballs.  The inside is rubber.

To hold the ball in place while I drilled, I used my mitre box.  Those posts in the picture allowed me to wedge the baseball tight enough so that it wouldn't move.

And I was able to drill a hole about 1/3 through the baseball.  I'm really glad that I used these rubber baseballs.  I'm not sure how easy it would have been with the standard hard baseball.

And I just wedged the baseball on the end of the curtain rod.  In full disclosure, this rod was 3 times wider than the hole I drilled above and I didn't have a wider drill bit so I ended up drilling 3 holes next to/overlapping each other and made a bit of a mess.  To do this right, I would have to start with a wider drill bit.  You can see in the picture below a little of the baseball cover is kind of torn.  This is not noticable in the room though because its so high up.

Next, I wanted to make a baseball tieback to swag the curtain panel.  I started with these from Walmart. 

The decorative finial on these tiebacks screw off so I was able to drill another baseball to replace the finial.  Once again, I didn't glue the baseball or anything, just stuck it on the end of the holder.  The rubber inside of the baseball really helped here.I started with these "soft-tee" baseballs.  The inside is rubber.

Here is the close up of the baseball tieback installed.

And here is the more realistic room view.

Thanks for stopping by I have more baseball room to share coming up... 


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  2. love how the room is turing out cant wait to see more
    have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thanks so much Arod! Its the furniture in this room that I was asking you about because I'm doing a silver finish. I'm using paint now but its taking a lot of priming. I have 1 tricky area on the ladder that I may try the rub and buff with. Have a great 4th!!