Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dining Room Niche Desk--Finished!

Sooooo, we built a shelf in our dining room niche which will serve as a desk.  We used plywood because I wanted to stain it, but after it was up Alex convinced me that it would look better painted white to blend in with the moulding...and I agreed. 

So we sanded, primed, sanded, and painted.
Here is a close up shot of the moulding we had on the edge.

It was too skinny, I didn't like it.  So I took a trip to HD and found some thicker plain moulding and switched it out.
More wood putty, sanding, priming, sanding, painting and sealer.  And even though its not perfect.  It is DONE!

I let the sealer dry for a few days before putting anything on the desk.

Next up, I want to add some sconces, or maybe just one sconce for lighting.  I want to keep this area looking like more of a dining room, rather than an office.

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xoxoxo ----Adrienne

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  1. Looks great! I agree with painting it white, unless you would have been able to stain it a similar colour as your dining table/chairs.

  2. Looks really good! And how great to turn a little niche into a useful space like that. Sconces will look great above the desk area.