Sunday, March 4, 2012

Powder Room Facelift

Welcome to my little half bath (emphasis on little).
This is where the "beautiful" builder-grade oval mirror was.  I didn't take a before pic, and broke the mirror into a zillion pieces while I was removing it.  Whoops.
There is no light over the sink, rather there are 2 recessed lights in the ceiling.  Nothing wrong with these but I'd like to swap them out for 2 pendants.
Here is the decor, and the the towel rack that noone uses.

Alex and I were walking through JC Penney on our way out of the mall when we spotted this on clearance for $25.  Mirror, Stainless Steel
The finish was scratched, which was why it was probably on clearance, but I asked if they would sell it for $20.  As soon as we got the mirror home, my motivation to paint this space kicked into full gear.  I already had a beautiful warm gray color picked out.  It was a swatch I picked up at Walmart, their Better Homes and Garden line of paints.  I had Home Depot color match it though.

First, I had to hang the mirror.  it had these hooks on the back.
I dug into my stash of hanging hardware and found these.
OK, now I did some holding the mirror up to the wall and some measuring.  I figured out where I wanted the bottom of the mirror to be by holding it up on the wall.  I made a small mark and then measured on the mirror to the height of the hook.
Here is my tape trick.  I rip of a piece of painter's tape the width of the mirror and put it on the wall at the height I want the hooks.
Then I take my trusty level and make sure the tape line is level.  After this I nail the hardware in and hang the mirror.
I sanded and puttied over the old mirror holes.
Also removed the never-used towel bar and sanded and puttied those holes.
I taped up the room and was finally ready for the beautiful paint!  I just love this color and of course the pictures are not showing it.  Its so pretty and warm at the same time, strange to say for a grey but I guess it had enough tan in it.

OK, here are the admittedly really poor pictures, but you get the idea.

Thanks for visiting!!

---xoxoxoxo  Adrienne

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  1. I don't think these pictures do justice to how dramatically different an experience it is using this bathroom since before its least from a guy's perspective. I mean, now it is so much more brighter and more expansive. I think getting rid of that plastic bush over the toilet really helped.

  2. This bathroom redo looks great and I love the mirror! following you from tdc-stop by for a visit!