Monday, April 30, 2012

A Very Gold Console

More Family Room updates.  To review, first we got rid of the big huge TV and replaced it with a flat screen, then we mounted the flat screen on the wall, hid the wires, and lastly we got a new-to-us console.  Its actually a dresser.  A fake blond wood veener dresser. 

I had a few criteria while looking for this piece.  It had to have specific dimensions, something wide enough to fit on this little diagonal wall, and not too deep because the room is small.  I wanted something that didn't have open shelving because I know I can't keep open shelving looking nice.  And I didn't want to spend too much money when I wasn't sure how well my painting skills would actually work to transform something.

 So here is the "beauty" I found on Craigslist.  $50---sold.  Then I stared reading all of the 'painting veneer' tutorials I could find.  I decided to try using only spray paint, hoping for a smooth finish.

I went back and forth trying to figure out what color to use, and settled on a light gold color, Carmel Latte, by Krylon.

I primed first, using various spray-on primers.  I first made the mistake of using a grey color primer.  Whoops.  I had to sand those 2 drawers down and redo them with the white primer.
 The final pictures aren't very good--sorry.  The end results looks nice.  The hardware is the original that I put on until I can find something better, but it kind of blends right in with the gold.
I still have to add some accessories.

Eventually we'll also paint this room.



  1. What an improvement a little bit of paint makes. I think I, too, would have tried a gray primer first - interesting to know it didn't work! It looks lovely in its new color, but I'd love to see it with some contrasting hardware - maybe something in oil-rubbed bronze? (Hey, you could even spray paint the current knobs with something like that - easy!)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I've been on the lookout for some hardware.