Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daughter's Bed Room--A Work in Process

Did I mention that we moved into our house less than a year ago, August 2010?  It took me a good 6 months to get settled in enough to start thinking about decor.  Younger daughter loves green, art projects, crafting, and anything messy (kind of goes along with art and crafting).  I wish that I could say these pictures are her room at its worst but in general, this is how it looks on a daily basis (sigh). 

So, here is the starting point for younger daughter's room.  I found some green fabric at the store and made some curtains.  I am not crazy about them, but she loves them and they serve the vital purpose of keeping monsters out of her room at night.  I did my best to find a complimentary green for the walls (you can see some test swatches in the background).  The green I chose (with daughter's input) is Martha Stewart's sea glass.  Its very bright.  To try and minimize the impact of this color, I decided to only paint the bottom 4/5th of the wall.


She also wanted her canopy put up and wants curtains to enclose the whole thing (did I mention that she is really big on fort building?).  I am worried about how ridiculous this room will look with the bed all curtained up.



Painted and moved dresser: 



So, they say that you start designing a room with an inspiration piece that will lead to a colorscheme.  Of course I didn't do that here and I'm telling myself that this is a learning process. 

Next up is moulding, bedding, maybe curtains for her canopy. 

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