Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess Bed

I see so many beautiful girl's room makeovers on the web that are drop dead gorgeous.  I had so many idea's for younger daughter's bedroom, so many inspiration pictures.  Unfortunately I didn't get to use any of those.  I find that I am quite limited working in the constraints of my "client" (7 year-old younger daughter). 

It started with choosing the furniture.  She wanted a canopy bed.  She wanted this bed:

There's nothing wrong with this bed, actually its really cute.  Just not my style.  And the curvy canopy is really bringing me back to the 70's.  Then my client was very particular about the furniture placement, well, the bed placement.  I wanted to put it in between the 2 windows that are on the same wall or in between the corner windows facing diagonally into the room (and this is how I originally set it up), something symmetric.  But, turns out that creepy crawly things can get her with the bed that way and it needs to be pushed into the corner, unsymmetric, against one window and covering 3/4 of another window.  :(. 

Next my creative client decided ala Fancy Nancy she would create her own canopy cover.  Up went every spare blanket in the house, hanging off the wire canopy surround. 

After a trip to IKEA, I found a solution:

I bought 2 packages of VIVIAN curtains but only used 3 panels because the bed is pushed against the wall.  I tied each tab to the canopy using some inexpensive purple ribbon, that I will swap out for something nicer.

Younger daughter loves it. 

Here is the bedtime configuration.  (I still need to hem.)

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  1. So sweet! Looks lovely. I think it's sweet that she just 'wanted what she wanted'! Have a great 4th!

  2. That is such a great idea! Don't you just love Ikea for projects like this? (c: Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration!