Monday, August 27, 2012

Tweenage Boy Room in Grey, White and Red

I started this blog about a year-and-a-half ago and the very first project that I posted were these lego shelves for my son's room.   Problem is that my son has too much stuff, including too many legos.  This room still had builder-beige walls and my son has had the same denim comforters for almost a decade.  Time for some paint and a few updates.

My son had was completely resistant to any change in his room for the longest time.  When I finally conviced him to let me do a few things he had stipulations:  he had to keep his furniture and it had to stay where it was.  No painting the actual furniture either.  So here is where we started.  p.s.  I had already taped up the room for painting before I took the "before" pics.  Ha ha.

Before:  The lego display shelves that I put up for my first blog project.  They are great, but the lego collection far outgrew the space.  Also, this wall needed something larger to fill up the space, the arrangement I had was too sparse.

Before:  There is not alot I can do with the furntiure layout in this room.  There are 3 windows and 3 doorways.  The bunkbeds had to cover a window somewhere.  I put the desk in front of the other window.  My son was adamant about moving any of the furniture but even if he was willing to move it I'm not sure what would work.  Smallish room and largish furniture.  Lots of kid stuff and clutter.  I liked the comforters but they were almost 10 years old and I was ready for a change (I realize that a lot most of this home improvement is for me.  :) ).

Before:  Desk area.

Before:  My son's very own diy wall art.  Yes, the duck tape did pull off the part of the wall when I removed it.  I used almost a whole tube of dry wall filler on this wall.   

And now the AFTER!!!  I used the same grey paint from the powder room makover.  I started painting one evening while my son was out with the intention of doing 1 or 2 walls to see if he liked the color.  By the time he got home I had done the whole room with the first coat.  Fortunately he liked the color.  :)  Second coat went on a few nights later when I had 1 1/2 hours before I had to be at school orientation for my 3rd grader. 

Duvet covers are from Target.  They retailed for $39.99 each and I needed 2.  I waited and waited until they went on sale--sale price was $17 (more of a Target type price, don't you think?) and I tried to order 2 of them.  Problem was they were out of stock online.  I went back to the store several times and asked at customer service and each time I was told that Target online is separate from the Target store and the sales didn't coincide.  Ugggg!  I totally lucked out one day when I was in Target for a quick stop (is there really any such thing?) and there they were--2 (and only 2 were on the shelf) grey and white duvets for $17 each!   

AFTER.  I still have a mirror waiting to be hung for this wall.   I moved his 'H' coathook to the other side of the door so he can grab a jacket on his way out.

AFTER.  New DIY floating shelves!!!  I will have a separate post about how I built these.  Very easy.  They fill up this wall so much better and have a lot of room for more legos and tween boy stuff.


AFTER.  Desk area is the same.  I added a magnetic board, from IKEA.


Thanks for stopping by!!

----  Adrienne 

I'm adding the paint color used in this room to this post after I got a very nice email from a reader.  Unfortunately I don't know the original source of the swatch I asked Home Depot to color match but here is the formula from the paint can.


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