Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Room Progress--Craigslist Tables and Marshalls Lamps

I blogged about my latest design dilemma here, the Family Room.  This is the room that gets the most use, is smack-dab in the middle of the house, and right now its really boring plain.

I found some end tables on Craigslist.  I really wanted something round, at least on one side of the sofa.  I didn't necessarily want matching tables and didn't necessarily want more dark brown wood--but I liked them, they were the right price, and there is always paint! 

For $100 I bought the 2 end tables and the matching coffee table.  I can sell the coffee table later on if I don't find a place for it. 

I was on a roll because the next day I found these cute lamps at Marshalls for $30 each.

Here is one of the tables and one of the lamps in the Family Room.

And here are the two identical tables and lamps flanking the sofa:
The sofa is looking really sad in this picture, its really not so bad--needs fluffing!  Here is a closer look at the other table that's in the corner.

At least its a start.  Next up.....fabric.  Here is a sneak-peak:

Side note:  So far my photography skills are lacking, I'm putting 'improving my pictures' on my todo list.

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